Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 08

We all had a wonderful Christmas! When I download my pics I will post some but until then I will let you know how it was. Georgia got LOTS of stuff! We started with Christmas Eve at Wayne and Leah's after church, the kids had a great time. We got home and fed the reindeer and we even saw Rudolph's nose in the sky!!! hahaha We were quick to bed so Santa wouldn't skip our house! She did wake up early but only to snuggle with her Mama! We didn't wake up til about 8 and were in awe at our Santa gifts. He left a bike, a crib and bouncy seat for Bitty Baby and get ready, a pink 22 gun! I don't know who liked it more, Georgia or JD! We had to go to Ward Lake to "shot some deer." Miraculously we got a mama, baby and Daddy, the best hunt all year! It took all day to open our presents because we had to play with everything as we opened it! Santa even left stuff for Caroline! She got a bouncy seat and some clothes and a stocking full of cool baby essentials! Also, Georgia and Caroline got a flat screen tv with a DVD player for their play room!! I think Georgia has figured out how to work it better than us. Everyone has crashed and I am ready to get my house back! Merry Christmas to All!!
Katherine, Anne Hollis, Georgia and Hayes celebrating Christmas Eve. Georgia had a great time hanging out with her cousins! So much fun that before it was over she was caught laying down in the hallway for a nap!! We decided it was time to go at that point.
Here is our visit with Santa while at the Sherard's Cookie Exchange. We had a great time and so glad the Sherard's have such a fun party!

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