Monday, November 30, 2009

Caroline's 1st Thanksgiving!

I know I have been a horrible blogger, SORRY! Caroline fully ENJOYED her 1st Thanksgiving! She ate dressing, sweet potato casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, 2 roles, cranberry jelly, spinach casserole and some meringue off a pie! She was Miss Piggy! So thankful for my 2 beautiful, healthy girls and husband. We had a great time in the woods with both sets of grandparents. Very small crowd but a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Summer...Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been super busy this summer! We went to Dog Island, FL with some good friends of ours from Tunica. We went to Hot Springs for a weekend with Glenn and fam. We of course have been to Ward Lake and seen lots of animals, hope we see them when it gets cold! Georgia has spent a lot of time at MawMaw's in Dublin, she loves visiting and riding her bike up and down the street! Poor country girl gets a kick out of visiting!! We also, got a new puppy and Georgia has been very good at helping take care of him! I am ready for school to start so we can get a rountine and back on schedule!
So sweet!! We had a great time at the beach with our good friends from the "Nut House"!
I caught this sunrise as we were going out fishing!
Georgia chillin on the beach!
Georgia the Mermaid Georgia with her new puppy Delta!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We LOVE applesauce!

She slurped up some applesauce today!! Did pretty good with the spoon and of course Georgia HAD to help and have her picture taken too!! My baby is getting to be so big!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry I am behind on posting!

May 31st Caroline was christened! She did wonderful. Mr. Gleason got her good! She was a complete angel!! Afterwards she slept on the pew the entire service. She needed to sleep because we had a crew at our house for lunch. She was of course the center of attention and got lots of lovin'! Here she is with her Godfather and Godmother, two VERY special people!
Our fam!
I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't get hardly any other pictures! I didn't even get a picture of the wonderful Mrs. Chow cake that was devoured!! I was so tired from getting everything ready that I was glad for the day to be here!! We had a great time and are so thankful for such wonderful family and friends!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our 1st Dance Recital

Our sweet friend Hannah Mullens tried to keep us doing the right thing!! She had to tell Georgia when to go because I think we were a little shell shocked by all the people! All the girls looked so precious and did a great job! Georgia was so excited to put on real makeup!

12 Weeks Old

This week we have become OBSESSED with our thumb!! I am not really excited about it all, but she loves it. The funniest is watching her try to suck her thumb and passie at the same time!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sad Day :(

I know I just told everyone about our cute little Otis, but yesterday he had a seizure due to a birth defect where he has major swelling in his brain and would never be fully functional. So, this morning Georgia and I went to Helena to the vet to say good-bye. Poor Otis was ready to feel better, he was just wimpering and not feeling good at all! He had gotten used to us and developed his own little personality. The other night Caroline was crying and when I got to her he was laying next to her carrier. He was really sweet and great with both the girls. Georgia is ok and we are looking for a puppy maybe midsummer, but right now I can't handle another heartache! Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Pictures

Blair's new baby boy Charles Wyatt Reed! He is 6 weeks younger than Caroline! You would never know it by his size. Congratulations Blair, he is precious!
Elaine, Georgia and Rachy. Their program was so cute and they all did a GREAT job!
I thought his picture was sweet of my girls!

Georgia graduated from K3!

Our K3 class is moving on to K4!

Otis is spoiled rotten!

It's a hard life!