Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Week Check Up

All of Daddy's girls!
It is so hard to believe that on Monday Caroline was 2 weeks old!! We went to Dr. Well's yesterday and she has grown so much since we came home. She has grown an inch and gained 51/2 ounces! Georgia has been so good with her and loves being a big sister. She gets a little overbearing at times but we are doing good for the most part! Hope you enjoy some pics from the past 2 weeks!
Just hanging out!
After our first bath, scared me to death, I forgot how slippery they get!


Holder Family said...

It was so good running into you guys this past weekend! I still can't believe that JD is surrounded by a bunch of girls! Hopefully, we will see you guys again real soon!

Amanda and Phillip said...

Caroline is precious! LOVE the red hair! Glad to hear that y'all are doing well. I can't believe how expressive she already is at 2 weeks old...smiling for the camera!