Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our newest addition...

Here is Gerogia with our newest family member!! I had to wait a week until I posted any info, we had a tramatic Mother's Day with this little guy's brother. I wasn't looking for a puppy but there was a Tradewinds at Mama's house and I was flipping through it the Friday before Mother's Day. There was the ad for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!(with a CHEAP price) So I called Nana and asked here what she thought, she said I had to talk to JD first! Well, I called the number in the ad and got all the info and said he would email me the pics! He had 2 males left. Also, he was located in Columbus. Perfect for us because Nana and Grumps happened to be in West Point for the weekend!! Georgia and had our plan worked out to talk to JD and she did so good executing it perfectly!! JD agreed and Georgia convinced Grumps to pick up her puppy before he came home on Sunday. We went to Wal-Mart got all our new puppy stuff and couldn't wait for him to get home. Georgia was absolutely ecstatic! Nana and Grumps show up with our puppy and he is so sweet and precious. I left shortly after and left G and puppy with JD. Georgia was having a great time showing him around and playing with him. When I got home he was in the kennel and everyone was napping, a little later Georgia brings him to me and says there is blood on his mouth. I told her oh he is fine! She took him to JD and he comes back to the bedroom, where I was getting my Mother's Day nap, and asked what we did to the puppy! He was unconscious and barely breathing!! My brother stays with Georgia and JD and fly to town calling Dr. Grant the whole way but before we made it to town he quit breathing. I didn't know how we were fixing to break this to Georgia. We got home and as soon as I walked in G is standing there, asked where her puppy was. My heart broke in a million pieces for my sweet angel! I told her he went to Heaven and she immediately fell to pieces! We went to the back yard and buried our puppy and put roses on his grave and Magnolia blooms, it was so sad. After all that we lay down and I am trying to calm her down, she confesses she dropped him on the concrete under the carport, she thinks it is all her fault and she killed him. I reassured her she didn't do it and everything was going to be ok. JD is listening to this on the baby monitor in the kitchen. Before this we had no idea what might have happened to him. We know this surely was not good for the puppy but we also think he may have had an allergic reaction to the worm medicine he got before we got him. We don't know exactly. SOOO you guessed it we got the male that was left! We met the owner in Starkville on Wednesday, G had no idea she thought we were just going to see Blair and he new baby(I will post pics later). She was absolutely speachless!! It was so much fun to surprise with such a great gift!! He was the runt but he is adjusted well and got a great little attitude! Of course we had drama with him as well! Never a dull moment anymore. Thursday we were leaving Nana's and I was talking to her and didn't realize G had walked out the door with puppy in hand and yes she dropped this one too!! Nana said she didn't think there was any reason to rush to town he was just limp, eyes rolled back in his head, but he was breathing ok. So I fly to town again and praying the whole way to save this puppy plus my gas light had been on for probably 10 miles already and here I was going 100 to town I just knew I wasn't going to make it! Dr. Grant checked him out and said he was ok just probably had a concusion and all we could do was put and ice pack on it and see what happened! We are doing great and Georgia has been threatened with an inch of her life not to pick up the puppy! Both puppies got the name Otis!

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