Friday, May 22, 2009

Sad Day :(

I know I just told everyone about our cute little Otis, but yesterday he had a seizure due to a birth defect where he has major swelling in his brain and would never be fully functional. So, this morning Georgia and I went to Helena to the vet to say good-bye. Poor Otis was ready to feel better, he was just wimpering and not feeling good at all! He had gotten used to us and developed his own little personality. The other night Caroline was crying and when I got to her he was laying next to her carrier. He was really sweet and great with both the girls. Georgia is ok and we are looking for a puppy maybe midsummer, but right now I can't handle another heartache! Keep us in your prayers.

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Amanda and Phillip said...

That is heart breaking. I am so sorry for your loss!