Monday, December 1, 2008

Disney Bound

DISNEY BOUND!! Also our first trip on an airplane! Absolutely loved it!

Not 2 hours into our first day and we saw Ashton at Hollywood Studios! This is where we saw Arial and Playhouse Disney!

Here is Pluto at breakfast this morning. Mickey, Lilo and Stitch were also there. Georgia got to parade around with them shaking moroccas!
Georgia LOVED Splash Mountain and is a roller coaster "junkie." She even got to ride Space Mountain. She figured out that little heigth deal, she wasnt' quite tall enough for Space Mt. but we figured we would give it a try, she calmly walked up to the line on her tiptoes so that her forehead hit the sign and they let her through!! LOVES roller coasters!!!!

Cinderella's BEAUTIFUL castle!!

Waiting to eat a late dinner with Cinderella and then we have dinner....

OH MY GOODNESS IT'S CINDERELLA!!!! Never been more awake or excited in her entire life! Everywhere Cinderella went Georgia had her eyes glued to her! Also, with Cinderella we also got to meet Prince Charming, Stepmother and the step sisters. The step sisters were absolutely hilarious!! The first thing Georgia showed Stepmother was that her dress had Cinderella on it! hahah JD took her back to the room and before I made it back she was in her pj's SOUND asleep! She has had 2 very long and fun filled days. What a trooper though. She has told us it was time for bed both nights!!

So far we are having a ball and even seen John Daho, of all people. JD and Georgia went to get on a roller coaster that I can't ride, and they stood in line together!! That's when you know you know tooo many people! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures, I will TRY to get more on tomorrow night. We are headed to finish Magic Kingdom in the morning and then to Epcot.

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