Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Walt Disney World

Well today was busy, but we have called it an early night! We went to Magic Kingdom to finish up and of course Georgia had to ride Splash Mountain again and AGAIN!! Would have done it another time but she got in trouble by the guy in charge for standing up in the boat!! I have a feeling we will probably have to ride it again when we go for the Wishes Parade tomorrow night! We got to see Crush today at Epcot and he talked to Georgia and the parentals! She LOVED that!

I got to ride a kiddie ride with Georgia first thing this morning! We rode the Flying Dumbos!

Georgia HAD to have one of the huge lollipops that seem to be everlasting, but she really did do a good job licking it to almost nothing!

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The Barnes said...

Fun! Fun! I know that yall had a BLAST! We took LG last spring and it was AWESOME! We can't wait to go back. How are you feeling? How is Georgia doing with having a little sis? Hope to see yall soon.