Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Made It Home

We survived Disney World!! The last day was kinda slow. We finished Epcot and attempted Animal Kingdom. That night we went to the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom! Animal Kingdom was ok, it seemed more crowded than the other parks but it is also set up with narrower walkways so it seemed to be more crowded. Georgia also was not cooperating! She NEVER wants to ride in a buggie or stroller anywhere we go so we didn't bother with it at Disney World. Well, by the time we made it to Animal Kingdom she was BEGGING for a stroller!! So we gladly rented one but she didn't want to get out of it for nothing! We had several meltdowns and finally gave up and went to the room for a nap! Slept 2 and a half hours and was ready for the parade!! Absolutely loved it. Snow White shook her hand and of course we have a picture of it but I don't have those pics downloaded yet so hopefully I will have some time tonite or in the morning to download pics and I will post them!

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