Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Christmas Morning!

I know I am aweful, I am just now getting caught up with Christmas blogging. Sorry if some of it ends up out of order! We have so much going on this year with birthdays, Christmas and getting ready for Caroline! It seems every time I make plans to get everyone caught up I have something else to do instead! So this morning I am going to do it since I have been put to bed until at least Wednesday and that is a whole new story I will catch you up on in a minute.

Santa was so good to Georgia and her new sister Caroline! Georgia got a new bike, baby bed and bouncy seat for Bitty Baby and her Daddy's favorite a pink 22 gun! Caroline got a bouncy seat and some baby essentials in her stocking. They both got a flat screen tv with DVD player for their play room! Georgia had lots of fun opening presents for 2 people this year! I hope next year she doesn't get her feelings hurt when Caroline opens her own presents!

We love Arial and I found this Arial doll at Disney World and managed to get it home without her finding it!!

Georgia and her Daddy with the pink 22!! She looks almost as excited as he is!

Oh yeah, we had to go to Ward Lake to the rifle range Christmas Day to shoot and have our first lesson on how to handle a gun! JD is so glad she is finally old enough to start shooting her own gun! And according to Georgia she shot a whole family of deer, a daddy, mama and baby!! To only have the imagination of a 3 year old again!

We even have a pink sling that goes on it too, but my crazy pregnant self wrapped it up and put Anne Clark's name on it! Being such a wonderful friend and knowing that I must have gotten her a great present actually did research on it to figure out what it might be! I finally got a hold of her and told her what had happened!!

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