Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Update

Well, we have decided on a name! Caroline O'Neil Dulaney, she has lots of people she is named after! First, knew I wanted to use O'Neil for JD and his grandaddy(Roselyn's daddy) Charles O'Neil. I wanted to keep the initials C.O. becasue this is what people called his grandaddy. Since JD was such good friends with Caroline McMurchy and she was a cousin of mine and sweet friend I came up with Caroline O'Neil. After all this was decided I was reading in a baby name book and found out that Caroline is the female of Charles. I would have never put that together but that is what the book said so needless to say this baby girl has lots of great people she will be named after!
Now, Wednesday I got a little scared. Monday I was 31 weeks, which is so hard to believe and I am so not ready! That afternnoon I was really tired and have been feeling different for several days but I was going to tough it out and hang in there. Tuesday, I worked all day and by lunch my lower back was killing me. I tried everything I could think of to get comfortable, but finally gave up and went home to lay down. I felt much better and on Wednesday told JD I was just going to stay home all morning and do what I needed to from home. My brother picked up Georgia from school becasue I had Directv here!! Well, I told G we would go eat pizza for lunch since JD was at a meeting. I started getting ready and immediately started having back pain and cramps! I calmly called the doctor's office and of course they wanted me there ASAP! So then I get worried, Georgia is acting like a spoiled brat and won't quit whining and crying, I know JD is at a meeting, I text him get nothing back, Roselyn is at an out of town funereal , my mom is at work, so then I just call JD and this point I am crying becasue I am scared and G won't stop crying!!! He is in town so I drop G off and head to Memphis by myself! JD had another meeting in Tunica. A big thanks to the Ross'! They let G come play while JD went to his next meeting and met me in Memphis. By the time he got there, I knew I was indeed having contractions and was going to be admitted for a little while to be monitored a little more, get fluids and some meds to hopefully stop the contractions! We stopped the contractions and then Caroline decided to make things even more interesting. She wouldn't be still so her heartbeat rose and they kept for another hour to see what the deal was. She finally got tired and rested so everything went back to normal and I finally got home about 9 o'clock Wednesday night. So for the time being I am to be resting until this coming Wednesday when I already had an appt and my 4D ultrasound scheduled! Since I have been home resting I have felt much better.
To make thing more interesting we are trying to start remodeling the guest room for G, so Caroline can have G's room. I have 6 weeks to go and really don't see how everything will come together in time but we will see! I will let everyone know how things go at the doctor Wednesday! Keep us in your prayers, Caroline needs to bake for a few more weeks!

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The Gapens said...

Anna -

I just found your blog! I can't tell you how much it means to us that you are naming her after my sister.

My mom called me after she spoke with you and was thrilled. Caroline O'Neil is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.

Erin "McMurchy" Gapen