Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Closer

Sorry I didn't let y'all know how the doctor went this past week. My grandmother had heart surgery last week and we have had some complications to deal with. So we have been very busy and back and forth to Memphis! Sue Mama is now doing good, thanks to everyone's prayers. Caroline is just getting bigger and it makes you feel so good that all the doctor can say is your gonna have one hell of a baby!! I go back on the 18th and we will set the definite time for my section on March 9th, if we make it. I have started retaining lots of fluid in my hands and feet so I have been trying to take it easy and keep my feet up. My hands are almost as bad as my feet! Friday afternoon we started on Georgia's room!!! They will be done sheet rocking tomorrow and then JD can get the molding up and we can paint! Hopefully, if things go as planned, we will have her room by next weekend!! Nothing like crunch time!

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Kristina Brown said...

Keep us upated! Praying for you guys! So excited for you!