Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caroline Update

Yesterday, the doctor said everything looks good. I go back in 2 weeks as planned! He won't do a section until March 9th. Which bums me out because this is mine and JD's anniversary! Oh well, I wasn't going to wait any longer so that seems to be the day unless she decides to come sooner, only time will tell! We got some cute 4D pics of her! She also already weighs 5lbs and 4ozs with nothing but cheeks!! She and Georgia's 4D pics look a lot alike! She is already so precious, I can't wait to see her in my arms. Georgia had to take a picture to school today to show everybody! She has got to be the proudest big sister I have ever seen. Hope you enjoy the pics. The ultrasound lady said she is in the 76th percentile! Another BIG baby!

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The Sledge's said...

What a cute name! March 9 is my birthday too! We just found out we are expecting again...September! I'm sure Mimi will be sharing the news with everyone soon (before now we've told her she can't tell)! Can't wait to see if Caroline and Georgia look alike!